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Writing Samples - Blessings - Traveler's Prayer

Thank you dear G~d for creating me and for allowing me to experience life. Life’s path is often a yellow brick road – with threats and surprises along the way. I hope I can tap into the intelligence, compassion and love you have endowed in me, so I can share myself with those I meet along the way. Please let me feel grounded, let me breathe deeply; let me reflect your beautiful countenance so as to help bring peace to where I travel, and to return calm and fulfilled, such as I imagine Adam and Eve felt each night as they gave themselves to slumber in Your Eden. Thank you dear G~d for listening to my prayers: while I am home and feeling secure, and when I am traveling and not sure of my surroundings.

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At home, taken in front of Sushi - esque by artist Randy
Howard M. Steiermann, ordained ritual
	facilitator and wedding officiant, 415-695-9155