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Praise about my... - Sermons

"The warmth and love that infused your sermon leapt out of the computer and enveloped me as I read. I am so blessed to count you among the people in my life. Thank you for finding so many ways to bring light into the world."

"Howard--What a wonderful, wonderful sermon. You've discovered, and now shared, a remarkable truth. Warmest wishes, "
Love, J, C, E & H family

"Dearest Howard: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I LOVED your analysis of the meaning of life and how we can and must make space for G-d in our own lives. How we must reach out to others to learn more about ourselves, to lead enriched and more meaningful lives. I remember our chats with such fondness. You are a marvelous listener and a very caring teacher. I look so forward to resuming our contact when I return to the Bay Area….with warm personal regards and a great deal of respect,"

"Thanks so much for sharing your sermon. You put into words what I feel and haven't articulated. I am often moved by what our sacred texts can mean ... but depend on people like you to help me see these messages."
Much love, M

"Howard: About your sermon - Thank you for letting me look inside your warm and gentle heart by reading it since I couldn’t be present at the service. You live your words, at least with me. I deeply appreciate your "checking in," and being able to talk things over with you to help me stay in touch with positive thinking when I'm down, and to get a youthful view of life when I'm feeling old. You also help me to simplify an issue I've made more complex than it has to be or see the complexities of emotions I've kept too simple. I find your presence in my life very special. You are a wonderful guy."

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At home, taken in front of Sushi - esque by artist Randy
Howard M. Steiermann, ordained ritual
	facilitator and wedding officiant, 415-695-9155