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Writing Samples - Blessings - A Person of Valor

A Person of Valor ~ A contemporary adaptation of Proverbs, Chapter 31, verses 10-31

And what a rare find is a capable person!
Because their worth is far beyond that of rubies.
Confidence is put in them, since nothing is lacking.
Days of their life they only do good, not bad.
Everything they look
For is
Gathered with a determined
In life they can be compared to a merchant fleet;
Just because they can bring sustenance from near or far.
Keeping things running day or night,
Looking for provisions for those in need,
Manual laborers to friends to family;
No task is too large.
Over and over again, tasks are vigorously
Performed with strength from being
Straight or
Trans. Or simply human. Love
Unifies this person with others;
Vanquishing all fears and needs.
Wisdom ever flowing from their mouth;
eXtol what they have done for you.
Yell your thanks so it is heard through your gates
Zealously thank Adonai for this person.

[Note: It is a tradition among Jews for a husband to read the traditional version of the above verses to his wife at the beginning of Shabbat. Both the original text in Hebrew, as well as my version, above, are in the form of alphabetic acrostics]

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At home, taken in front of Sushi - esque by artist Randy
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